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Python Tutorials

Setup and Working with Quantitative, Categorical, or Tabular Data

Python 1: Installation and Setup

Get started with Python by working with the Anaconda or Miniconda Python systems

Python 2: Working with Data

Learn to work with strings, numerical data, and lists in Python

Python 3: Working with two-dimensional datasets

Learn to work with dataframes and tabular data using Python's Pandas package.

Python 4: Working with World Bank Open Data using Python's Pandas Package

Learn to work with country-level data since 1960 from World Bank Open Data using Python's Pandas package. You can try either a step-by-step tutorial or copy and paste a full program for working with World Bank Data in Python with explanations embedded in it.

Python 5: Visualizing Datasets using Python and Pandas

Learn to create some basic charts and graphs from your dataframes using Python's Pandas package.

Mining Texts and Other Digital Acts

QGIS Tutorials

QGIS 1: Installing and getting started with QGIS

Learn how to install, setup, and create your first base map in QGIS (perhaps the best free, open-source GIS platform)

QGIS 2: Adding Vector Layers

Add a country boundaries layer and create your first data map in QGIS.

QGIS 3: Add Data to a shapefile

Add World Bank data to a country boundaries shapefile and create a variety of chloropleth maps.


Data Visualization Examples

Various examples from some of the best data visualizers in journalism, academia, and beyond...

Digital Humanities Tools

Digital Humanities Tools

Examples of (mostly free) digital humanities tools (text analysis, text-mining, data visualization, etc.)