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Current Projects

Mapping Conquests (and other spatial acts)
A Spatial History of the Spanish Invasion of Indigenous Peru
What role did Indigenous peoples and geographies play in shaping the events of the Spanish 'conquest'of Peru?
Toponymia Americana
Indigenous and European place-names across the Americas
How has Indigenous history been inscribed in the landscapes of the Americas?
Is there a link between the survival and resilience of Indigenous place names and Indigenous history?
What can we learn by combining 'big data' macro-analysis and micro-case studies of Indigenous toponyms?
Indigenous Geographies in a Colonial World
A Spatial and Environmental History of Indigenous Spaces and Colonial Enclaves (Peru: 1500 – 1689)
How did the social, political, economic, and environmental geography of an Indigenous region change over centuries (from Inka to Spanish dominion)?
Mining book reviews
Mining, Plotting, Graphing, and Mapping Historical Scholarship
Text-mining 10s of 1000s of Book Reviews to Trace Trends in Historical Scholarship
How has historical scholarship changed over the past century? What trends and changes in this scholarship have gone unnoticed?

Collaborative Projects

Migration Destinations
United States Migration, 1935-1940
Institute of Behavioral Science, University of Colorado (2015-2017)
A Quantitative, Demographic Analysis of 8 Million U.S. Domestic Migrants during the New Deal Era
Why did people migrate?
What role did environmental and economic factors, social networks, and migration chains play in shaping domestic migration during the 1930s?

Skills & Techniques

from town council records of Cusco, 1560s
Early Modern Spanish Paleography
Deciphering old Spanish handwriting
Training: online class through Peru's Riva-Agüero Institute
(I have non-digital skills too!)
Spaniard's abuse of a porter
Digitizing and Encoding Texts
Automated Structural xml-Tagging with Python
Tools: Python, Abbyy OCR, xml
NER example
Named Entity Recognition
The semi-automated tagging of place, person, and group names
Tools: Python's spaCy module for NER and BeautifulSoup for xml parsing
top place names
Querying Digital Texts
Parsing xml Text to Answer Specific Questions
Tools: Python's BeautifulSoup module for xml parsing
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Python example
Digital Text Analysis with Python
Python programming language
R example
Quantitative Data Analysis with R and SAS
R Programming Language
R example
Data Visualization with R
R's ggplot and similar packages
web screenshot
Web Design
html, css, and a little javascript
mood map up to Gallo
Affective Cartography: Mood Maps
GIS + Vector-editing software (Inkscape)
[click on image to see full map with explanation]

Methods & Approaches

El Capitán Rumi
Place-Based History
Long-Term Local and Indigenous History
How does our understanding of an event change when we contextualize it within the long-term history of a site?
Spaniard's abuse of a porter
History "from below"
Ethno-, Micro-, and Social History
How can we reconstruct the history of marginalized people?"
Beyond Cajamarca place names
Spatial History
Historical GIS
Spatial Humanities
Literary Geography
How does our understanding of history change when we examine spatial relationships alongside temporal ones?
Cieza_emp_place names
Digital Text Analysis
Text Encoding
Text Mining & Processing
'Meso-Analysis' & 'Medium Reading'
How can we combine text mining techniques of 'distant reading' with the text encoding methods of digital editions and 'close reading'?
What insights do such methods add to the study of historical texts?
Mapping Indigenous History
Ethno-spatial history
Historical Counter-Mapping
How can we put Indigenous people and activity back on the map?"
Qualitative Digital / Spatial History
Quantitative Narrative Analysis
Qualitative Data Analysis
Qualitative GIS
How can digital tools and spatial history methods aid the analysis of qualitative and imprecise historical texts?
How can this research account for the uncertainty, imprecision, subjectivity, and contradictions inherent in such sources?
Quantitative Digital History
Data Science and Analysis
Spatial Analysis