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from town council records of Cusco, 1560s
Early Modern Spanish Paleography
Deciphering old Spanish handwriting
Training: online class through Peru's Riva-Ag├╝ero Institute
(I have non-digital skills too!)
Spaniard's abuse of a porter
Digitizing and Encoding Texts
Automated Structural xml-Tagging with Python
Tools: Python, Abbyy OCR, xml
NER example
Named Entity Recognition
The semi-automated tagging of place, person, and group names
Tools: Python's spaCy module for NER and BeautifulSoup for xml parsing
top place names
Querying Digital Texts
Parsing xml Text to Answer Specific Questions
Tools: Python's BeautifulSoup module for xml parsing
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Constructing, Analyzing, and Mapping a Historical Spatial Database
Tools: ArcGIS and QGIS
Python example
Digital Text Analysis with Python
Identifying and Visualizing Hidden Patterns in Historical Texts
Tool: Python programming language
R example
Quantitative Data Analysis with R and SAS
Managing, Analyzing, and Visualizing Large Quantitative Datasets
Tool: R Programming Language
R example
Data Visualization with R
Creating Charts, Graphs, Maps, and Interactive Visualizations of Historical Data
Tool: R's ggplot and similar packages
web screenshot
Web Design
Creating and Designing a Personal Website from Scratch
Tools: html, css, and a little javascript
mood map up to Gallo
Affective Cartography: Mood Maps
Mapping and Visualizing Authors' Experiences of Landscapes
Mapping Subjective Experiences and Emotions
Tools: GIS + Vector-editing software (Inkscape)
[click on image to see full map with explanation]
Python example
Web Scraping
Automated Retrieval of Historical Information from the Web
Tools: Python and BeautifulSoup